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Stepping into a Man Shoes in a Mans Industry in a Mans World and Winning with Alison Weaver

Ness-Sibley Funeral Home and Covert Funeral Home

Welcome to another episode of The Glam Reaper. I am your host Jennifer, delighted to impart all my knowledge and experiences through my podcast episodes and together with my special guests about different aspects of life, love, loss, and funerals.

I am glad to introduce to everyone our guest for today’s episode. This is really amazing as I meet other females in the same industry as I am in. In today’s episode, we have Alison Weaver who owns not one but two funeral homes!

Our wonderful conversation kick started with an introduction about Alison, a bit of her background on how she started in the funeral industry. She started at a very young age, 15 and it made her realize what she really wanted to do. Alison made a realization that she wanted to work with people and became fascinated with the human body. She also shared her educational background and some of her experiences before she became successful in the business.

Alison also shares with us the basic steps on how to become a Funeral Director and while it differs country by country and state by state in The USA she gives us her path to becoming one of New York's most successful funeral directors which is a very male-dominated industry. We also talked about preplanning, COVID and the skills you need to become a funeral director and ultimately what it is like to work in the funeral industry as a female. Join us for this empowering conversation about diversity in an adverse world and stay tuned for more nuggets of gold!

Little nuggets of gold

- Allison’s journey in the funeral industry

- How to be a licensed Funeral Director

- The impact from some of our experiences in the funeral industry

- COVID and its effect to people

- The Importance of reading the situation as a person in the funeral industry

- The advantage of pre-planning

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