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Things to remember about scattering ashes

  1. There will be bones and larger pieces that most people don't expect. It doesn't look like fireplace ash which is what most people assume it looks like.
  2. Decide whether you want to scatter all the ashes in one place or do you want your loved one to travel all over the world? Decide how many people or locations you want and divide accordingly. I usually suggest more than one location because you might move house or out of the country. You never know where life will bring you!
  3. Ziplock bags will be your best friend - especially if you want to scatter ashes in a few locations or give to friends and family.
  4. Figure out the wind direction!! NO one wants to inhale their loved one or have them stuck in their lipgloss or blinding them!
  5. Check out the site before you do 'your thing' because it might not be as you remember or visualize it.
  6. Using flower heads when throwing ashes into the wind or over water helps you to continue to see the ashes even when they go far away because ash can become difficult to see - it IS after all ash! It also makes it that bit more natural and beautiful.
  7. Be careful when traveling with ashes, get permission from the airline if going as carry on and if not carry on then you run the risk of the airline losing your luggage which is not good.
  8. Take photos of the area, the day, whatever you do. Keep a memory of it.