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How to scatter ashes

It’s simple – if no one knows what you are doing, then most will not have an issue. There is no law that can provide guidance on this issue so common sense and practicality prevails. As a general guide though:


Private Property

I always say – how would you feel if you knew someone was scattering ashes on your property? Most people wouldn’t mind but it’s always best to ask permission. That way there can be no repercussions for either party.

Controlled Public Property

These areas require permissions as they will have regulations protecting them. Think of public parks.

Uncontrolled Public Property

Think Forested areas, hills, mountains. Trails etc. You definitely have more freedom here but try to avoid pathways or trails – aside from the fact that you don’t want your beloved to be walked all over!


With all cases of ‘ash scattering’ there is no law that governs so my best rule of thumb is be discreet, ask when/if you can or scatter in small proportions that won’t call attention to you or what you’re doing.