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Farewell Celtic Ashes by Jennifer Muldowney   


*Cremated Ash needed*

Send the ashes of your loved one to us and we will create a bespoke Fused or Encased Glass piece of jewelry just for you. No two pieces are ever the same.

Farewell Celtic Ashes by Jennifer Muldowney

PERSONAL Collection

*Cremated Ash/Hair option*

Choose to put your loved ones' hair or ashes into a beautiful vessel in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We provide everything you need.

 Farewell Celtic Ashes by Jennifer Muldowney

MEMORIAL Collection

Own a precious piece of Celtic jewelry that symbolizes you or a friends loss of their loved one. No ash or hair needed. 

A loving gift for a grieving friend or family member.


Legal Ireland

December 28, 2019

Almost half of the population in Ireland dies intestate, which means without making a will. More than likely they assumed a will did not matter or that their parents, children or siblings

automatically would inherit their possessions.

This is a common misunderstanding and, unfortunately, is not always the case. When someone dies, all of their possessions, finances, and property are brought together,...

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Oxygen, massage and puppies have got what to do with funerals?!

November 07, 2019

With over 28 miles of shoreline and more than 2,000 hot dog stands, Chicago was an interesting choice for this year's US National Funeral Directors Association. 

An oxygen bar, massage station and even a puppy parlor made for an enjoyable experience for funeral professionals from all over the globes to convene. One could spend an entire day on the expo floor checking out all the freebies, albeit...

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Reimagine the end of your life will you?

November 07, 2019

You are going to die. I am, too, and the thought of our inevitable demise is scary and unsettling. But, what if we were regularly encouraged to reflect on why we’re here, prepare for a time when we won’t be?

Reimagine End of Life, a festival that happens twice a year in the US - in NYC and San Fransisco, is doing exactly that with annual “death festivals” that inspire a community-wide exploration...

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