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FUSED/ENCASED Collection Jewelry


*Cremated Ash needed*

Send the ashes of your loved one to us and we will create a bespoke Fused or Encased Glass piece of jewelry just for you. No two pieces are ever the same.

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PERSONAL Collection


PERSONAL Collection jewelry


*Cremated Ash/Hair option*

Choose to put your loved ones' hair or ashes into a beautiful vessel in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We provide everything you need.


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MEMORIAL Collection


MEMORIAL Collection Jewelry


Own a precious piece of Celtic jewelry that symbolizes you or a friends loss of their loved one. No ash or hair needed. 

A loving gift for a grieving friend or family member.


By Eloisa on 2022-01-03

January 03, 2022



The impact on cancer in peoples’ lives is getting a lot more attention now than it has ever been before. The emotional toll that this takes for patients, survivors and those still battling it can be extremely draining to everyone around them, especially with their families. This conversation we had with David Richman was very insightful as he shared his firsthand experience of having someone in...

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Why Dog Is Good Through Grief, Therapy, Bereavement, at Home and More.

December 05, 2021




There is a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend. For professional dog trainer Gila Kurtz, a dog can change the way you see the world. Technology is making people seem more connected, but we as humans are more disconnected than ever before. But when you are with your dog, there is that connection that has no interference, a genuine relationship because dogs connect with us in a very...

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Did You Know... Cremation Started in Someones Backhouse?? We Talk to the Expert in All Things Cremation History (Part 2)

December 05, 2021



Cremation has gone a long way since the first known cremation in 1876. Who better can give us the history of cremation than the Historian of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), Jason Ryan Engler. He holds this position as well as that of Cremation Historian for the National Museum of Funeral History (NMFH). The museum was completed in 2018 with 80% of the exhibit being his personal...

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