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Why Dog Is Good Through Grief, Therapy, Bereavement, at Home and More.




There is a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend. For professional dog trainer Gila Kurtz, a dog can change the way you see the world. Technology is making people seem more connected, but we as humans are more disconnected than ever before. But when you are with your dog, there is that connection that has no interference, a genuine relationship because dogs connect with us in a very heart-centered way.

John and Gila Kurtz found the positive influence of dogs in their lives and decided to set up the  business Dog is Good, which is a lifestyle brand for dog lovers. In this podcast episode about DOG, Gila lets us in her world of dogs to bring awareness about how wonderful it is to have dogs in our homes. Learn how to cultivate a strong emotional relationship with your dogs based on what they can teach us when domesticated! Very interesting interview here so keep yourself glued until the end, where you can get a new perspective on being responsible dog owners.



  • How did Gila develop her passion for dogs and see the good in them?

  • What are the reasons why she thinks dogs are wonderful to have at home?

  • Dogs are able to fulfill humans' basic need - the desire to be loved.

  • Why does Gila refer to dogs as DOG?

  • Are dogs superior to other animals?  (...An insight on comparison.)

  • Why did Gila create the “Dog is Good” brand?

  • A look at therapy dogs and grieving dogs, and why their roles in both cannot be underestimated?  

  • Gila's message to people about what they should consider before allowing dogs into their homes.


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