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Funeral Rituals

There are an increasing variety of funeral rituals in the world. But the big question is, given the choice, which would you pick?? So with a little bit of research on the varying degree of rituals that people are developing I came up with this list:

  • You could have your loved one cremated and the remains turned into a diamond- my choice but expensive ;)
  • You could also follow the Swedes and immerse the body in liquid nitrogen
  • You could follow American rule and have the body “digested” in alkali - nice!
  • You could take DNA from your loved one and splice it into the DNA of a tree so that you live on in the tree
  • Or there is also this one, which is quite cool - have your remains mixed with gunpowder and used as fireworks!
  • Finally there is based in Georgia which places your loved one in a reefball and they rest forever at the bottom of the sea

Jennifer Muldowney
Jennifer Muldowney