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Celebrity Passing

Worldwide, we have lost a few celebrities from the showbiz, sporting and political world and they each experienced very different send offs:

On our own turf we sadly lost the late, great Garret Fitzgerald who was laid to rest at Shanganagh Cemetery in Co Dublin. All ten of Dr Fitzgerald's grandchildren played a role in the mass, which although a state funeral, encapsulated the very tender, emotional and caring gentleman, father and grandfather that he truly was. A photograph on the cover of the service booklet captured his personality to perfection - showing him, poised with reading glasses in hand. In front of him stood his beloved books and with a twinkle  in his eyes we can see a whisper of a smile, that tells all and nothing at once, playing on his lips. 

The wrestling world lost one of their nearest and dearest in 'Macho man' Randy Savage
Randy Savage was cremated in May and his ashes were strewn at the base of a tree near his Florida home. In compliance with his final wishes, which ,according to his brother Lanny Poffo, he was adament about, the family did not play his trademark wrestling theme music 'Pomp and Circumstance' during the ceremony. This music Randy claimed to be rightfully his idol's and felt he had somehow stole his thunder by using it. His funeral was his last way of paying his respect.

Muriel's Wedding  and Strictly Ballroom Star Bill Hunter
When over 350 people applauded, cheered and launched their hats in the air at Bill Hunter's funeral, you knew he was a well respected and cared-for member of society and the acting world. The post ceremony celebration of his life was fuelled with cold beer and accompanied by his many near and dear friends and family. Australian glitterati also showed up in droves including Arts Minister Simon Crean who reminisced about the award-winning actor, describing him as 'an entertaining character who had lived a full life and been divorced twice!'.

Gil Scott-Heron
The funeral of the 'godfather of rap' took place in New York City and ended with a tribute performance from Kanye West. The rapper appeared at the memorial service at Harem's Riverside Church to give a rendition of 'Lost in the World', which uses a sample of Gil's recorded poem 'Comment 1'.

So whether it is a tribute by Kanye West, sprinkling of your ashes somewhere that means the world to you, a party or just to be remembered and spoken about by the people you love, it's worthwhile to take a moment and think about how you would like your life remembered after death.

Jennifer Muldowney
Jennifer Muldowney