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Goddess of Death

Ever heard the name Libitina? No? Well I have to be honest before I googled death and mythology, I hadn’t either but she makes for an interesting read, and a belated/very early Halloween costume too.

In Roman mythology, Libitina was the goddess of death, corpses and funerals. Image wise, there was not much to inspire as her face was seldom portrayed. As a reigning personification of death she was manifested as a black robed winged figure who hovered above her ‘prey’.

I’m deeply fascinated by the story and delighted I came upon it. As we have said before it is a slow burner that women get involved in the funeral industry and yet here we are with the lady that started it all.

She often had temples set up in her honour that would house all the necessities for funerals, including gravediggers. It is also worth noting that the great Colosseum apparently housed one gate dedicated to Libitina in honour of all the fallen gladiators who fought and lost their lives within the Colosseums great walls.
Jennifer Muldowney
Jennifer Muldowney