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Girl Boss Glam plus Old Antiquated Funeral equals..?


In today’s episode, we have Mallory Greene, the amazing Girl Boss and Co-Founder of Eirene. We started our conversation with a bit about her background. She has worked in the tech industry for over seven years and has a great interest in the startup world. Mallory also likes helping people access certain industries through technology. She is the daughter of a nurse and a funeral director which makes sense. The conversation around life and death became normal for her and contributed to her adult identity.

Her company is called Eirene which means ‘state of peace’. Her co-founder at Eirene came to like the name - it is a very sentimental name to them. It is also an ode to women all over  the world because most of the time, women are the ones making funeral arrangements, also act as caregivers. Eirene makes the funeral arrangement experience simple, affordable, and entirely transparent to their clients. Eirene provides a different and easier experience during an already incredibly difficult time.

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