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9 ways to include family and friends

1 – Music - Get a friend to sing or play an instrument

2 – Words - Have a cousin or aunt say a few words, a prayer, a poem, a quote

3 – Images - Invite friends and family to submit photos of the deceased and share memories for the memorial website or book or to show during the service

4 – Video - As above and also invite them to submit a short video describing the deceased and a fond memory of them

5 – Greeters - Have young people/children greet people at the entrance to the service or reception and show them where to go

6 – Pallbearers - Historically six men filled the roles of pallbearer but don’t be afraid to deviate from tradition if there are women interested

7 – Service - Is there a friend or relative who has been ordained or would like to lead the service

8 – Design - Invite friends and family to contribute to the design of the service and reception and memorial site including order of service sheets,memorial cards, condolence book, tree planting, etc.

9 - Reception - Ask family or friends to help with providing drinks, food, entertainment at the reception

Jennifer Muldowney
Jennifer Muldowney