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NFDA Austin Convention 2013 - Lasting Impressions Urns

One of the exhibitors who had the greatest impact on me was actually one of the simplest stands. There was no merchandise, no flashy displays, no massive banners or colourful screens screaming at me, there was just one young guy standing at a table with some boxes and some brochures. It stood out because it was different, unassuming, pure and they were inexperienced or clearly working on a budget. The offering was biodegradable urns. Nothing new there but there was something else that caught my attention. Water burial urns, also biodegradable, intended to float with the cremated remains inside for 2-4 minutes on water then elegantly sink to the river floor. I have always been a big fan of water and for me, unless there is another more environmentally friendly option available, cremation is how I would like to go. So to have a final memorial where my ashes, encased in a biodegradable urn, could float out to sea, on a lake, in a river for a few moments while those I have left behind could say a few words is a beautiful tribute. Based in Seattle, Lasting Impressions Urns can be found via their website with the same name. (Jennifer Muldowney) (Jennifer Muldowney)